Titanium Flanges

Titanium Industries carries a wide range of Titanium blind flanges, Titanium weld neck flanges, and Titanium slip-on flanges that range from 1/2” (1.26 lbs) to 24” (461 lbs).

Dimensional tolerances conform to ASME B16.5. Flange bore diameters agree with standard ASME B36.9M Sch-40S wall pipe. Other bore diameters can be supplied on special order.

Flat Face Flanges are supplied with a serrated spiral finish per ASME B16.5 Other gasket surface finishes can be supplied on special order. Flanges are permanently marked by electro-chemical etching in accordance with ASME B16.5.

Estimated flange weights are based on a density of .163 lbs/cubic inch.

Commercially Pure Titanium:

  • Grade 2

Titanium Alloys:

  • Grade 7


Quality Control